One day as I was looking through the days mail, I noticed a letter from a Dr. Kevin, curator of the Constance Museum of Purported History. In the letter, he asked me if I would be interested in joining an expedition to the historic fort McRee in northwest Florida. And, of course, you all know me, I couldn't possibly... resist! I replied immediately, saying... no, writing that I love to join his expedition. He had written that we would leave on saturday, november 19, at around 10:00 a.m. The next day, I went out and got a new bag and shirt. On the day of the expedition, I got to the meeting place one hour early, and so did the good doctor. But, after waiting for the other adventurers that were to join us, and in the process of getting everything loaded into the transportation vehicle we ran about 20 minutes late. We left at 10:20 a.m. and so started our expedition. After driving a little ways, we had to figure out where we were because one of the places where the map had been burned was exactly where we were. After we figured out where we were, we came upon the Garcon Swamp. We had to find a way through the swamp. After we found a way through the swamp we had to find some way over Big Lagoon. After searching for a while, we decided to just take the big bridge. When we finally got to Johnson beach road, we decided to park there and continue on bike. Suddenly, a rather hostile looking authority came up and confinscated our bicycles, but we got away just in time to escape from the officer ourselves unharmed. After hiding until she went inside the office there, we ran to the beginning of the road, and started down it. After we got a little ways down the road, we saw that it was washed out from the last hurricane. About two miles from the beginning of the road, it suddenly ended in a turnaround. We had a decision to make: continue across the island/desert (which was actually a peninsula), or turn back. We finally decided to continue through the desert to try to get to the fort. after about an hour, we stopped at Fallen Tree Point to eat lunch. after lunch, we continued to Lookout Hill to see if we could see the end. We couldn't see it, but we decided to continue on for a while, to see if we could get there anyways. after another half hour of walking and talking and collecting artifacts (seashells), my guide, Dr. Kevin, suggested we turn back so we could get back before dark because our torches were still in the transport vehicle. As we started back, we decided to walk along the waterline to see if we could collect any more artifacts (remember?) as we went back. On the way back, we were unusually quiet except for random thoughts about retracing our footsteps. when we got closer to the vehicle we saw that more vehicles had arrived, so we decided to be cautious in our approach. As soon as we got there we left our backpacks and went to the bench to rest. After a short rest, we continued home.


Part 2

About 2 months later, I received a call from Dr. Kevin asking if I would like to join him in another attempt to reach the fort, and of course I accepted. Again. We decided to go leave on a Monday morning.

Map of Cairo, Al Qahirah EG






here's one i'll make up as I go


Part One

The next day, as I was walking down the sidewalk by the university, I met an old friend who needed my assistance in finding a certain artifact whose location was kept... well... secret. And, you know me, I couldn't turn down a chance for a good adventure. As I ask what we were going to be looking for, he interupted and said "The stone of the ancestors." I answered, rather loudly, "WHAT?! The stone of the ancestors was found by Alan Quatermain in 1885 and then destroyed" "You're mostly right" he answered "But it was only lost, not destroyed. It is still deep inside the mines, which Quatermain never entered, he only made it to the entrance." "Well in any case, I accept!"