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The Whip

The original whips (there were several used in multiple lengths during each movie) were made by whipmaker David Morgan.

The "original" lenght is a 10 ft.

There is no doubt - David Morgan whips are state of the art, but also very expensive. So unless you have to have the original, there are other fine whipmakers. They are not as known as David Morgan, but they are as good as David Morgan.

I braid all my own whips and use shoe polish or other colorings to color them(I go through lots of rope and shoe polish).

i also make my own whipholders It´s  easy to make a whipholder. A strap of leather, a pair o' pliers, a rivet, a needle and thread, a button or snap, a SHARP utility knife and a hammer -


1: find a peice of leather (or whatever you can find!) that is 8 times longer than your 1 1/2" belt is wide (IIthink that's 12") and 2 inches wide.

2:fold the leather over your belt and adjust it until you have enough to have about1 1/2 cm to sew.

3:sew the leather together at the 1 1/2 cm spot.

4:(I have only used buttons for my whip holders) make a very small slit at the place you want the holder to come together to hold the whip and put the small end of the button into it (this should take a lot of work or it won't stay in)

5: trim the strap to about 1 inch in width (trim it so that there is an even space on each side of the button)

6: now fold the strap over at the end so there is 2 cm overlapped and use the pliers to crease it, and then put the rivet in however you put it in (I just used some wire and used pliers to stick it through on both the right and left sides and twisted it together)

7: make another slit starting just below the overlap. make it big enough to put the button through but not so big that it falls off of the button when your whip is in it.

to learn to make a whip like mine, only shorter, watch andrew conway's whip braiding video here http://www.juggling.org/~conway/video/snake.html