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Guns and Holster

The guns and holsters varied over the movies. Throughout the three films, Indy used a variety of guns, but mostly revolvers.  The most recognizable gun Indy used was the Webley .455 in 'Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade'.  It was used during WWI by the British.

In "Raiders" , Indy used two different guns, one was the Smith & Wesson Hand Ejector 2nd Model that fired a .45 caliber bullet.  The other gun was the Browning HP which can be seen in the Raven Bar fight. Indy switches back and forth between his S&W and the Browning HP, and it is also spotted when Indy and Marion are aboard Katanga's ship near the end.

In "Temple of Doom", Colt NS (New Service) The Colt NS was hardly in the movie, as you know, Willie dropped it out of their getaway car in the beginning of the film!

In "Last Crusade" the Webley v1.455 is now the "Indy gun".  This is probably the most famous of the Indy guns.

Unfortunately, I have no guns to show you, so there are no pictures.